Hey, I'm Emenike C. Christian aka "eChris"

God's Son/ Product Manager / Cybersecurity [Cloud] / Tech Advocate/ Community Leader/ Enterpreneur

I am a passionate individual with a keen interest in the field of cybersecurity, specifically focusing on cloud security architecture. My expertise also extends to product management, allowing me to offer a well-rounded perspective in the cloud security space. My primary goal is to assist others in embarking on their cloud journey, while also helping businesses shape their growth in the ever-expanding cloud environment.
By combining my knowledge of product management, cybersecurity, and cloud solution architecture, I have found common threads that make these areas highly complementary, particularly within the realm of technology businesses. Recognizing the increasing demand for expertise in these fields, I am actively positioning myself for future success. I aim to contribute to the development of exceptional products that operate seamlessly in the cloud, catering to both individual users and businesses. Furthermore, I strive to provide comprehensive security analyses to safeguard businesses operating in the cloud.
As part of my professional development, I am currently acquiring certifications in Cloud & Security Domain . These certifications serve as a testament to my commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry. I firmly believe that this multidisciplinary approach, coupled with my passion for cloud security, positions me to make a significant impact as we navigate the exciting new frontiers of technology.

                   Interest based locations:
                        case 1: "Nigeria"
                        case 2: "Liberia"